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Autism affects families in many different ways. It is important to reduce the stress that families experience. At the Communication And Learning Institute, we work closely with parents, caregivers and siblings to educate and develop an intervention plan to increase the overall communication skills of the child or adult with ASD. Partnering with families, we focus on achieving many skills including:

  • The initiation of spontaneous communication in functional activities across social partners and settings;
  • The comprehension of verbal and non-verbal communication in social, academic, and community settings;
  • Communication for a range of social functions that are reciprocal and promote the development of friendships and social networks;
  • Verbal and non-verbal means of communication, including natural gestures, speech, signs, pictures, written words, functional alternatives to challenging behaviours, and other augmentative and alternative communication systems;
  • Access to literacy and academic instruction and curricular, extracurricular, and vocational activities.

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