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Pre K Enrichment

Every parent wants their child to be successful in school at any age. We want our children to have self-confidence and eventually become independent. In order to prepare them to be lifelong learners, we need to inspire our children. In today’s world, there is a higher expectation for a child entering kindergarten. Some Gifted and talented programs require testing prior to admission. Early guidance with math and reading fundamentals are essential for a successful kindergartner.

It is the goal of the Communication And Learning Institute to prepare the young student by developing or enhancing language, cognition, literacy and math skills.

Reading is an important element in developing literacy skills. Each child learns to read at their own pace. Learning new concepts at their own pace without pressure is important. A child who enjoys learning will be able to read, talk and write better. Teaching pre-reading skills and the fundamentals of reading prepare the child for kindergarten. Some focus areas are listening skills, letter recognition and naming, sounds, rhyming words and phrases, verbal expression, verbal reasoning and story recall.

Math is also an important concept for children to learn early. Important fundamental areas for kindergarten preparation are number recognition and naming, counting, basic addition, estimating, knowing patterns and recognizing and naming shapes. 

Other areas which children need to develop are visual-motor adaptive skills which include the ability to build blocks and copying from a model; and auditory sequential memory which includes recalling the sequence of information presented orally from memory.

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