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Offer Variety

As a parent or caregiver you play an important role in helping your child learn about food. It is your responsibility to provide a variety of healthy foods for your child. 

Offering a variety of foods helps preschoolers get the nutrients they need from every food group. They will also be more likely to try new foods and to like more foods. When preschoolers develop a taste for many types of foods, it's easier to plan family meals. 

Tips for Offering a Variety of Foods

  • Mix it up. Change your typical foods. Try something new with your family. Here are just a few ideas: fresh pineapple, green peppers, low-fat cheese, canned salmon, or a whole wheat pita with hummus. 
  • Let your child chose a new vegetable to add to soup. Only an adult should heat and stir hot soup. 
  • Add different ingredients to your typical salads. Try adding mango, Swiss chard, or tuna to your green salad. 
  • Vary the cereals, types of bread, and sandwich fillings you buy week to week. 
  • Add fruit to your preschooler's breakfast by using it to top cereal. 
  • Put rinsed and cut fruits and vegetables, in a bag or bowl, on a shelf in your refrigerator where your child can see them. 

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