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Making the student successful in school and in life is our main goal!

Empowering them now is the best time. It allows time for attaining their goals for their future

Sometimes a student needs extra help in learning new material. It may be because the student has difficulty grasping and retaining new material or concepts or the student may just need a different style of presentation of the new material. Either way, the student will require extra help in one or more subject areas in order to accelerate the learning process to keep up with the classroom curriculum or to understand, plan and execute classroom assignments or homework assignments.

Some Centers define their extra help as Tutoring, some call it Coaching and some call it Educational Therapy. Some centers try to make their methodology of achieving the same goal appear superior, thus increasing the fee for unnecessary services amounting to thousands of dollars and pair the student with someone who does not understand the learning style of your child. I have often heard from parents that they have tried different organizations and that their child is still not performing well in school. Regardless of what the intervention is called, the fact is that the utmost importance is that your child makes significant progress and once again enjoys school.

The Communication And Learning Institute offers one-on-one private instructor-student interaction by a certified teacher to maximize the students learning potential in the academic and social areas including planning, problem solving, application and follow-up skills. 

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